Latest Barcamp News Innovation was also the biggest

Latest Barcamp News Innovation was also the biggest


The School of Media and Communication at Temple University recently hosted the eighth annual Barcamp News Innovation, Philadelphia’s annual one-day “un-conference” on the future of news, at Annenberg Hall on October 15th.

A record crowd of 175 journalists, students and other media makers attended the event, which was organized by our friends at Technically Media.

Sessions covered a broad spectrum of topics, including:

• Solutions Journalism in Practice, with Jean Friedman-Rudovsky of the Solutions Journalism Network,
• What’s happening to objectivity in 2016, with Daniel Victor and Michael Gold of the New York Times, and…
• New Engagement Strategies: Snapchat Discover, with Dave Cole of the Wall Street Journal.

This year’s lunchtime keynote was a “Power Roundtable” of national leaders, including Greg Linch of The McClatchy Company, Jess Estepa of National Geographic, Emily McManus of and Michael Gold from New York Times. This year’s food went to the next level too.

ICYMI – Here’s a look back:

New more? Digital Marketer and Independent Journalist Seth Goldstein generously compiled and shared every tweet using our hashtag: #BCNI16


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