Expected outcomes (and impact) of CPIJ’s series on impact

Expected outcomes (and impact) of CPIJ’s series on impact

As CPIJ proceeds with its series of Q&As about the impact of public interest journalism and its measurement, beginning with AxisPhilly’s CEO Neil Budde, we thought it would be helpful to explain the purpose of this project.

In an environment with shrinking subscriptions and viewership for mainstream media, it’s urgent that news organizations be capable of making a case for why public interest news matters. In short, we believe that a focus on impact will help Philadelphia news organizations develop better models for measurement of impact and aid in the development of sustainable financial models for local public interest news organizations, in line with the mission of the Center.

Through this project, we’re hoping to achieve:

  • Knowledge-sharing of how local news organizations (particularly ones with increasingly limited resources) conceive of and determine the effects of their news mission and whether they’re achieving it.
  • An improved ability to define and measure the impact of public interest news and information on a local/regional level
  • Methods of demonstrating impact to ensure funders and audiences understand the value proposition of their support
  • Spotlighting the role of media in performing a watchdog function and how decision-makers are adapting to changes in how public interest information is delivered and developed
  • Increased transparency among news organizations in allowing their community of users to understand their mission.

We hope this context is helpful in establishing our expectations for this work and in keeping us focused on achieving the outcomes stated above. Feel free to let us know what other aims we should be seeking in the comments below, and thanks for following our work.

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