BarCamp NewsInnovation 2013 featured session: Measuring the impact of news

BarCamp NewsInnovation 2013 featured session: Measuring the impact of news

Complementing the Center’s ongoing series on measuring the impact of public interest news, Barcamp organizers have scheduled a discussion on impact during the morning session of the day-long unconference on Saturday, April 27 (Register here!).  Mozilla’s Erika Owens, Washington Post’s Greg Linch, and Brian Abelson, a Knight-Mozilla fellow at the New York Times, will lead a discussion about the theory, methods, and implications of media impact measurement.  As part of his fellowship, Brian will be sharing results from the experiments (such as this) he’s  been carrying out at the Times.

Erika describes the expected practical focus and directed nature of the discussion as follows:

“It’s pretty easy for the conversations around impact to go in circles, but the aim is for this discussion to be more focused. Greg suggested an “impact-a-thon” format where folks share case studies, discuss them in small groups, and then report back on the findings…The session, rather than theory, will focus on implementation. How have organizations monitored impact, and what are some specific examples of things they can do for future stories? We look forward to an insightful, action-oriented discussion, and want your help in designing the session. Please email the Google Group, share your thoughts, and join us Saturday morning.”

What you can do:

1.) Register to attend Barcamp News Innovation
2.) Brush up on the latest thoughts on impact with this reading list from Brian Abelson
3.) Join the Google Group organized by Greg Linch to share information on measuring the impact of journalism
4.) Bring your case studies, analytics and anecdotes relating the impact of your stories.

Hope to see you there.

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