Highlights from #BCNI13

Highlights from #BCNI13

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BarCamp NewsInnovation 2013 — Philadelphia’s annual, one-day national unconference on journalism innovation and the future of news — convened Saturday at Temple University in Philadelphia. https://bcniphilly.com

Here’s a glance at some of the sessions with links for more details. Check in later this week for more recaps.
The big board is open at #bcni13 instagram.com/p/YnD8iXO5Hl/andrew mendelson
Doors opened at 9 a.m. and the first panels kicked off at 10:
#TempleU welcomes BarCampers to @BCNIPhilly, the annual unconference on the future of news. bcniphilly.com -> #BCNI13 <-Temple University
View a Google Doc with all of the sessions listed:
FULL SCHEDULE ONLINE: ph.ly/bcni13 #bcni13 #bcniphilly #ptw13BarCamp NewsInnovati
Bar Camp Philly hash tag: #bcni13fernglazer
View all the tweets tagged with: #bcni13
At BarCamp NewsInnovation, or is it Content Camp? Wait, it’s both! #bcni13Oliver Picher
BCNI was held concurrently this year with Philadelphia’s Content Camp.
In a room full of journalists. #isthisheaven #bcni13Jeseamy Muentes
The opening session examined measuring the impact of journalism:
Early birds at #bcni13 with @greglinch pic.twitter.com/uDWfHigXEYHoward Weaver
Room 3: @josephjames “The State of Mobile”. Mobile as Tardis Box. Yes it is fun! #bcni13shenid
CPIJ sponsored “The State of Mobile” by Joey Marburger of the Washington post:
Doctor Who @josephjames #BCNI13 instagram.com/p/YnTnp1hdMf/Patricia A Fortunato
Participants shared their observations throughout the day:
Ha, @bydanielvictor just introduced himself at a #bcni13 session. Fool, everyone knows who you are.Michael Gold
Love coming to #bcni13…like a zen retreat for the digital editor’s soul..with a lot more talking.JoshCornfield
Half of the session. #bcni13 instagram.com/p/YnRL6UAbed/Melody Kramer
Keynote speaker, "Coolest Job in the World" holder, TED.com editor Emily McManus. #bcni13 #contentcampphl I’m in love.Katie Sweeney
Emily McManus of Ted.com packed the atrium for her lunch hour keynote:
In Annenberg Hall for #bcni13 instagram.com/p/YnXQJQO5E2/andrew mendelson
"The BBC said we were too intellectual." Hearing about the origins of TED at #bcniphilly #bcni13Aram Zucker-Scharff
Ted.com editor @emilymcmc keynote speaker at #bcni13 pic.twitter.com/ewd3UA8AOnshenid
Most of what you see on TED.com goes through an apt @ 10th & Pine says editor & Philadelphian @emilymcmc #bcni13 #yeahphillyJohn Paul Titlow
Back channels as social media friends actually got together face-to-face.
.dailypenn alums at #bcni13 instagram.com/p/Yn-1wmAbZC/Melody Kramer
I think if we combined everyone in the "Digital Strategist?" room into one org we’d have a pretty kickass company. #bcniphilly #bcni13Aram Zucker-Scharff
Tweeting & discussing how companies tell stories in a #bcni13 #contentcampphl session pic.twitter.com/DGQ08cP6kEChristine Cavalier
Journalism school curricula were a hot topic as always:
Blanda proposes a 3-6 month intensive program for journalists that focuses on launching a stand-alone niche publication #bcni13John Paul Titlow
Take @SeanBlanda’s j-school survey bit.ly/14Z5bWm #bcni13Greg Linch
More notes from afternoon panels:
@PlanPhilly ‘s "license to inspect" – persistence and money most important things needed in pursuing an open data project #bcni13J. Michael Lyons
He’s interested in public interest, investigative, accountability journalism. "Theory of change." — @andrewmendelson #bcni13Greg Linch
#bcni13 @hubertallen there are people who like to see how the sausage is made; and there are the vegetarians, who just want to see the endEmma Carew Grovum
.@bydanielvictor: We need to change the dialogue over being first versus being right, bc if you’re not right, you’re not first #word #bcni13Sara Carothers
And finally, we came together to celebrate outcomes from the hackathon:
Chris Brown demoing staterep.me at #bcni13 pic.twitter.com/tirHoHzIYmTim Wisniewski
Some takeaways and thanks followed barcampers to the afterparty:
Accuracy above all and transparency along the way. #contentcampphl #bcni13Content Camp
Learned about mapping memes to trace idea generation, creative means to measure and engage impact & new ways to engage mobile users #bcni13sondra willhite
Had a phenomenal time @BCNIPhilly. Thank you for having me and thank you to all that listened to my rambling. #TardisJournalism #BCNI13Joey Marburger
Thank you to @TechnicallyPHL, @CPIJournalism & @content_camp for hosting an awesome event today! #bcni13 #contentcampphlKatie Sweeney
Thanks everyone for a great day @contentcamp & #bcni13 Now on my way to @PHLSWGloria Bell
Many thanks to organizers and speakers at #bcni13 for an enlightening experience #ptw13sondra willhite
Update: And now, some event recaps are popping up:
BarCampNewsInnovation Philly ReCap | PurpleCarSaturday, April 27 2013: I spent the day at BCNIPhilly (#bcni13). It was held at my graduate school alma mater, Temple University (see th…
I’m in the Content Camp | Katie SweeneyThis weekend I attended the Barcamp NewsInnovation & Content Camp unconference hosted by Technically Philly & Temple’s Journalism Program…
The ElectNext presentation at Philadelphia’s BarCamp NewsInnovation, by Dave Zega (@davezega) and Mike Toppa (@mtoppa)
BarCamp NewsInnovation 2013electnext

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