Marburger on ‘The State of Mobile’

Marburger on ‘The State of Mobile’

Joey Marburger is the mobile design director at The Washington Post.

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Joey Marburger cited Marshall McLuhan and Doctor Who during his “State of Mobile” presentation at BarCamp NewsInnovation 2013 last weekend in Philadelphia.
Marburger, mobile design director at The Washington Post, focused on speed and simplicity in design, beginning with the understanding that many users report dissatisfaction with mobile sites — and adding that they are unlikely to return to sites that do not operate properly.
Marburger shared his slides after the presentation:
The State of Mobile :: BarCamp NewsInnovation 2013 :: Temple UniversityBarCamp NewsInnovation 2013 Joey Marburger, Mobile Design Director A little about myself and what I do at The Post. The Tardis: Time Mach…
According to Marburger, $11 billion will be spent this year on mobile advertising, which has been shown to deliver high conversion rates — such as 80 percent of users who have reported downloading a mobile application after seeing an advertisement.
Follow Marburger on Twitter:
Joey Marburger (josephjames) on TwitterThe latest from Joey Marburger (@josephjames). Mobile design director @washingtonpost. Purdue alumnus. Married to @CasLikeThat. Love ?. N…
Marburger also focused on escalating growth in mobile and data, as well as underutilized opportunities — such as collecting user data from accelerometers in mobile devices to analyze reader behavior.
Visit his personal site: :: Joey Marburger :: @josephjames
Marburger promised fun as the event approached:
I’ll be talking about “The State of Mobile” in Room 3 at 11 am. It’ll be fun. #bcniphilly #bcni13Joey Marburger
And he delivered:
Room 3: @josephjames “The State of Mobile”. Mobile as Tardis Box. Yes it is fun! #bcni13shenid
Marburger opened with a quote from Dr. Who:
"Where do you want to start?" @josephjames #BCNI13 A Fortunato
He said that speed and simplicity were essential to mobile design:
When Washington Post revamped its mobile app, speed and simplicity were the top priorities. #bcni13John Anastasi
@josephjames: @foursquare app today would not succeed. Too busy and biz oriented. At launch they concentrated on simple checkins. #bcni13Jim Smiley
46% of consumers are unlikely to return to a mobile site if it didn’t work properly during their last visit. #bcni13John Anastasi
And challenged popular conceptions, including responsive design:
Mobile design talk by @josephjames at #bcni13 #bcniphilly @ Annenberg Hall Linch
"Responsive design is not a mobile strategy" @josephjames at #bcni13Michael Toppa
@jimRsmiley: @josephjames: browser wanking will not save mobile journalism. Is not real responsive design. #bcni13Jim Smiley
Marburger closed with another quote from The Doctor:
Doctor Who @josephjames #BCNI13 A Fortunato
Later in the day, Marburger presented on WordPress with Andrew Nacin: 
Yo #bcni13, Join me and @josephjames in just a few minutes in room 4 for WordPress development in the newsroom. Case studies, Q&A, more.Andrew Nacin
Great presentation by @josephjames and @nacin on the extensive use of #WordPress at the @washingtonpost #bcni13 Toppa
Here’s a takeaway:
“It’s abolished the idea that we can’t do something. Now it’s like, we want to do this. Okay, let’s use WordPress.” – @josephjames #BCNI13John Paul Titlow
Had a phenomenal time @BCNIPhilly. Thank you for having me and thank you to all that listened to my rambling. #TardisJournalism #BCNI13Joey Marburger
The Department of Journalism at Temple University sponsored Marburger’s presentation.
Department of JournalismA multidisciplinary approach to the journalism studies Innovative curriculum and hands-on learning opportunities
BarCamp NewsInnovation is an annual, one-day national unconference on journalism innovation and the future of news as explored by practitioners and friends.
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