Emily McManus of TED.com keynotes #BCNI13

Emily McManus of TED.com keynotes #BCNI13

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@emilymcmc at #bcni13 pic.twitter.com/ZgAdW1ZsEBJ. Michael Lyons
At TED.com, McManus oversees the written words that help people around the world find the perfect TED Talk to watch — and to explore the wider context of great ideas. Since January 2007 she’s helped more than 1,500 ideas on video connect with more than 1 billion viewers. More info: bcniphilly.com
Here are some backchannel reflections from the presentation:
#bcni13 lunch keynote speaker @emilymcmc, editor of TED site, is interested in bursts of words. This is how most people encounter @TEDtalks.Greg Linch
First TED Conference happened in February 1984. They demo’ed how to use a CD. #contentcampphl #bcni13Content Camp
BBC turned down Ted Talks at first because they were "too intellectual" – luckily the rise of web video began. @emilymcmc at #bcni13J. Michael Lyons
One of the memes about TED is that it’s super expensive. TED Global is $6000, but $3,500 of that is tax-deductible. — @emilymcmc #bcni13Greg Linch
Content that cares, care that your audience understands and walks away with valuable knowledge #bcni13 @emilymcmcKaitlyn Anness
TED works b/c presenters talk about "the most interesting thing in the world" to them. They want you to understand. #bcniphilly #bcni13Aram Zucker-Scharff
"Help the audience find the feeling they want to have." @emilymcmc on tracking TED audience reactions #bcni13 #ptw13Andrew Nusca
To share ideas, look for stories. #bcni13J. Michael Lyons
"The best stories are the stories your tell yourself the 1st time you have an idea. That’s your core. That’s your story." @emilymcmc #bcni13Greg Linch
Headlines should let you know how you are going to feel about the story, not just the facts. #bcniphilly #bcni13 #TEDAram Zucker-Scharff
Best TED talks are the talks we tell ourselves when we first have a big idea. —McManus #bcni13Howard Weaver
"Feed the hunger for participation." #bcni13 @emilymcmcKaitlyn Anness
Can u imagine. Your content taxonomy built around emotion. They even write headlines this way. #bcni13Mary Ann Geier
"50% of #TED viewership is outside of the U.S.; 28M in China."—@emilymcmc #BCNI13Patricia A Fortunato
The TEDx effort of hosting local TED events isn’t driven by desire for money — it’s about ideas. — @emilymcmc #bcni13Greg Linch
#TED’s commenting section is "a different world." Long comments. Has people who do nothing but comments. #bcni13 #bcniphillyAram Zucker-Scharff
Ken Grant recorded a brief interview with McManus after the presentation:
Emily McManus interviewthinlayer
Grant shared more observations on #BCNI13 in a new post Friday:
Any interest in seeing the future?Last weekend, I spent the day with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met – and people who are shaping and creating the future. These …
Find McManus on LinkedIn:
Emily McManus | LinkedInView Emily McManus’s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network, helping professionals like Emily…
BarCamp NewsInnovation is an annual, one-day national unconference on journalism innovation and the future of news as explored by practitioners and friends. @bcnip  bcniphilly.com #bcni13
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