Part Two with Dan Denvir: Shrinking resources, accountability, watchdog journalism and local impact

As part of our ongoing series examining how to measure and evaluate impact in public interest news, CPIJ met with Dan Denvir, staff writer at the Philadelphia City Paper, to discuss his thoughts on how public interest coverage impacts his City Paper audience, the city of Philadelphia, and its public officials.  Denvir speaks directly to questions of how his reporting may have influenced the local school reform debate, how alternative news papers differ in impact from mainstream media, and his personal and professional goals for impact in his reporting.

In Part Two, above, Denvir shares his concerns about shrinking resources in mainstream media for accountability and watchdog journalism and how that impacts local public affairs.

View Part One: Denvir speaks to the possibilities and limitations in impacting public affairs through reporting, reflecting on the Daily News’ Pulitzer prize-winning series Tainted Justice.

Come back soon for more excerpts from this interview.

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