Deadline approaching: Apply by April 28th for CPIJ support to attend #ONA14

Deadline approaching: Apply by April 28th for CPIJ support to attend #ONA14

ona14_logoApply by midnight Monday, April 28th for CPIJ support to attend the Online News Association 2014 ConferenceThe conference will be held in Chicago, from September 25th through 27th.

Sponsorship grants of $1,500 are available. CPIJ also pays ONA conference registration directly, and grants are intended to offset remaining costs.

Complete the CPIJ 2014 Sponsorship Program application form to apply. More info:

*If you apply for #ONA14 support, you must be an active ONA member at the time of application through the conference dates. This is required for CPIJ to secure group discount rates.

The Center for Public Interest Journalism hosted a reception at ONA.

Last year, the Center for Public Interest Journalism supported a party of 18 journalists and journalism educators who attended #ONA13. Thanks to a generous grant from the Wyncote Foundation, CPIJ is provide support again.

Additional sponsorship opportunities: You may also apply for sponsorships to attend other professional journalism conferences, such as AAJAEIJ, and NLGJA, as well as conferences related to your reporting interests. Grants of up to $2,000 each will be available. Learn more: The 2014 CPIJ journalism topical conference sponsorship program

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