Meetup: Philadelphia Reentry Reporting Collaborative

Meetup: Philadelphia Reentry Reporting Collaborative

The Philadelphia chapter of the Online News Association will host an info session on January 25th with the Philadelphia Reentry Reporting Collaborative, a new project focused on challenges and solutions related to prisoner reentry in the Philadelphia region.

This event will take place at the Pen and Pencil Club and is open to all interested members of the journalism community. (Must be 21+. Find the P&P.)

About the Philadelphia Reentry Reporting Collaborative:

Philadelphia faces one of largest-scale reentry problems in the nation. Each year, tens of thousands of citizens return to the city from prison or jail. The challenges these returning citizens face after incarceration are myriad — from employment to housing, from resisting recidivism to expunging criminal records — and the Collaborative’s goal is to bring them to the fore of our diverse readership.

The Philadelphia Reentry Reporting Collaborative project is a citywide journalism effort, supported by the Solutions Journalism Network, which addresses the issues of reentry in the Philadelphia region by looking at them through the framework of how problems are being addressed, and which ideas and models show promise based on evidence and data.<more info>