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Digital security for journalists: A free workshop with Mike Tigas of Pro Publica

Digital security for journalists: A free workshop with Mike Tigas of Pro Publica

Journalists today interact with digital security in many ways, often without realizing it. Whether it’s protecting an inside source, keeping information from competitors, or securing a Twitter account from hackers looking for attention, a journalist’s livelihood relies on protecting information and online accounts more than ever.

This workshop will introduce threat modeling — a framework for understanding risks, consequences and solutions — and a number of tools that journalists can start using right away to better protect their work.

The second portion of the morning will consist of a hands-on workshop, describing how to use several tools in detail, including password managers, Tor, “off the record” (OTR) message encryption, PGP e-mail encryption and other well-regarded tools and techniques.

Participants should bring a laptop and have the ability to install

software on the computer.

This workshop is free of charge for journalists in the Philadelphia region.

We will convene at the Temple University Center City campus on Tuesday, October 14th at 9:30 a.m.

Space is limited. RSVP now and we will make confirmations daily.

Mike Tigas is a news applications developer at ProPublica. He works on tools for online privacy and the liberation of public data. He is a lead developer of Tabula (a tool to help extract data from PDF files), CivOmega (a search engine for public datasets), and Onion Browser (an anonymizing web browser for iPhone and iPad). He was a 2013 Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellow and previously worked at The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, WA.