How Can I Pursue Journalism To Become A Travel Host?

How Can I Pursue Journalism To Become A Travel Host?

Pursuing Journalism To Become A Travel Host: An Overview

Travel journalism is an exciting field that can take you all over the world, from exotic islands to bustling cities and everything in between.

Becoming a travel host requires more than just a love of travel – it requires knowledge, skill and dedication.

This article will provide an overview of what it takes to pursue journalism and become a successful travel host, from the necessary qualifications and skills, to auditioning for jobs and developing your travel journalism brand.

What Is Travel Journalism?

Travel journalism can involve writing, photography, videography or broadcasting. It documents people and places around the world in order to inform, educate and entertain viewers or readers.

It typically involves exploring different countries and cultures, discovering new places and experiencing exciting activities.

It can also involve interviewing people from different backgrounds in order to gain deeper insight into their lives and perspectives.

As such, it requires an open-mindedness, an ability to think outside the box, keen observation skills and an eagerness to learn new things.

Learn How To Handle A DSLR Camera And Microphone

A key part of being a travel host is being able to capture high-quality visuals on camera or microphone. One should be well-versed in using both DSLR cameras/microphones (Digital Single Lens Reflex) as well as professional recording equipment.

Learning how to use these devices properly will ensure that one’s footage looks professional and impressive when broadcasted or published online.

Additionally, one should also be familiar with editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro in order to edit videos for broadcast or online consumption.

Get The Show On TV Or On Important Travel Channels

In order for one’s travel journalism work to be seen by a wide audience, it is important to get it broadcasted on television or on important travel channels.

This can be done by pitching ideas for shows directly to television networks/channels or by submitting proposals/scripts through production companies/agents that specialize in travel content.

One should also research any existing shows that are similar to what they want their show to be like so they can understand what kind of content viewers are looking for in this genre of television programming.

Develop Your Travel Journalism Work as a Brand

Developing one’s work as a brand is essential if one wants their work as a travel host to stand out from the rest.

This includes creating an online presence (website, social media accounts etc.) where people can find out more about one’s travels and view their past/current projects.

Additionally, having good branding also helps establish credibility with potential clients/employers who may be interested in working with one’s services.

Qualifications Needed for Pursuing Journalism To Become A Travel Host

Having qualifications related to production, direction , TV journalism ,or mass communication are essential when pursuing journalism as a career path.

Experience in blog writing , public speaking , story-telling , copywriting , editing , fact-checking etc., will also help develop one’s journalistic skills.

Additionally , pursuing additional courses related specifically towards travel journalism will give one an edge over other applicants seeking similar roles.

Experience in Blogging About Travel

Having experience with blogging about travel is especially helpful when trying to become a successful travel host.

Creating blog posts about past trips/experiences not only serves as practice for journalistic writing but also helps build up online presence which could help land future gigs.

Additionally, blogging allows one’s work as a journalist/travel host reach wider audiences which could lead more opportunities if done well enough.

Auditioning For Jobs

Auditioning for jobs is another important step when trying pursue journalism professionally. Having good audition tapes ready showcasing one’s journalistic talent will help increase chances of getting chosen over other applicants.

This could include putting together clips featuring interviews with interesting characters encountered during travels along with commentary explaining why this footage could make good television content.

Decide What Type of Travel Journalism You Want To Pursue

Different types of travel journalism exist depending on the kind of content one wants their show/publication feature.

Some examples include adventure & outdoorsy activities , cultural exploration & lifestyle stories , luxury experiences & high-end hotels etc.

All requiring different types of skillsets specific towards each type of profile. Deciding which type best suits one’s interests/skillset before starting out would be beneficial before beginning any job search related towards becoming a successful travel host.

Gaining The Necessary Skills For That Type Of Journalism

Learning the necessary skills related towards that type of journalism would then require acquiring knowledge through research (books, internet articles etc.)

Along with hands-on experience (internships etc.) which could help build up portfolio pieces needed when applying for jobs later down the line.

It might even require learning new languages if wanting explore certain regions where English isn’t widely spoken.  


Pursuing journalism professionally takes dedication but can be extremely rewarding both financially AND personally if done right.

From learning how handle cameras & microphones properly along with developing your own brand through blogging, it is important go through all steps mentioned above before embarking on journey becoming successful travel host. Also remember have fun while doing it!

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