I Belong To A Poor Family But I Want To Become A Travel Journalist

I Belong To A Poor Family But I Want To Become A Travel Journalist

Becoming A Travel Journalist From A Poor Family Is Possible

Travel journalism is the art of travelling and putting your own individual spin on stories about different cultures, countries and people.

It is a job that requires dedication, hard work and passion, but it is possible to become a travel journalist from a poor family if you have the right attitude and drive.

Here we will discuss how to make it happen, including building industry contacts and clips, tailoring pitches to publications and websites as well as having a strong passion for travel.

Benefits Of Being A Travel Journalist

Being able to share your stories with the world while travelling can be incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get to experience different cultures and destinations, but you also get to share your knowledge and observations with the world in an engaging way.

Additionally, as a freelancer you can benefit from flexible working hours and being able to choose where you work from.

It is also important to note that there are many different topics within travel journalism that allow for diversity in your work, such as food, culture, history and adventure.

Building Industry Contacts & Clips

In order for you to be taken seriously as a travel journalist it is important to build up industry contacts and clips that demonstrate your ability as a writer.

Networking within the industry and attending conferences can help build these relationships, as well as submitting articles or pitches to magazines or websites.

Additionally, having an impressive portfolio of clips or having been published in reputable publications can help strengthen your credibility.

Tailoring Pitches To Publications & Websites

Before submitting pitches it is important to research each publication or website thoroughly so that you know what type of content they are looking for.

It is also important that each pitch is tailored specifically for each publication or website, taking into account their style of writing and target audience.

This will show potential employers that you are serious about becoming a travel journalist and have taken the time to research their company thoroughly.

Advantages Of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing offers many advantages compared to formal employment such as flexible working hours and being able to choose which projects you take on.

Additionally, freelance writers can benefit from higher rates than those offered by traditional employers , allowing them more freedom financially when travelling around the world for assignments.

Freelance writing also provides freedom creatively; allowing writers the opportunity to express themselves without having their work constrained by strict editorial guidelines .

Passion For Travel Is Essential

While there are easier ways to make money than being a travel writer, having an intense passion for travelling is essential if you want success in this field.

A strong appreciation for different cultures and destinations will give your articles an edge over those written by people who don’t have this passion .

Not only will this show through in your writing but it will also give potential employers the confidence that you will be able to produce high quality articles on tight deadlines.

The Importance Of Reading Widely

Reading widely not only helps keep up-to-date with current trends in travel journalism but also provides inspiration for article ideas .

Keeping up with current events in different cities around the world can also provide ideas for stories . Additionally, reading literature about other cultures such as novels or poetry can provide valuable insights on how best approach certain topics within travel journalism .

Taking The Leap Into Freelancing

Once you feel confident enough in your abilities it’s time take the leap into freelancing; finding publications willing pay acceptable rates for assignments.

Once again networking within the industry is key here; using contacts built up during conferences or through social media platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn .

When approaching prospective clients initially it’s important not just focus on how much they’re willing pay but rather how working together would mutually benefit both parties .

Travel Writing Should Be About The Writer’s Experiences

While researching destinations prior visiting them can be beneficial when approaching certain topics within travel journalism ultimately one must remember that their own personal experiences should be at forefront of any article they produce .

This means understanding how they fit into each destination they visit; observing customs , talking local people etc., all while taking note what makes them unique when compared other travellers .

This will help ensure readers gain unique insights into each destination instead being bombarded same information repeatedly found numerous other sources online.


Becoming a successful travel journalist from a poor family requires dedication hard work but ultimately it comes down attitude one has towards their craft.

By building industry contacts clips , tailoring pitches publications websites , taking advantage freelance opportunities , having passion travelling , reading widely , taking leap freelancing finally remembering focus should always one’s experiences while travelling , anyone dedicated enough succeed.

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