Choosing Travel Journalism Over Engineering: Opinion On A 12th Standard Science Student?

Choosing Travel Journalism Over Engineering: Opinion On A 12th Standard Science Student?

Travel Journalism Over Engineering: Opinion On A 12th Standard Science Student?

The decision to choose a career path after 12th standard science is an important choice that can have long-lasting implications on one’s personal and professional life. Many students may be torn between pursuing engineering, travel and tourism, or journalism.

When considering which path is right for them, it is important to consider their interests, skills, and goals. Ultimately, the decision should be based on what the student is passionate about and what will best help them achieve their goals.

This article will provide an opinion on why a 12th standard science student should choose travel journalism over engineering as their career path by exploring its benefits and qualifications, as well as challenges they may face while pursuing this field.

Benefits Of Travel Journalism

Travel journalism offers many enticing benefits that make it a desirable career choice for many students . The variety and flexibility that come with being a travel journalist are two attractive benefits that draw many students to this field .

As a travel journalist, one has the opportunity to experience new places firsthand as well as pursue passion projects related to their interests . Additionally, this career also provides opportunities to connect with interesting people from around the world .

Furthermore, travel journalism opens up interdisciplinary learning opportunities that allow students to explore different topics related to culture, politics, economics, etc., while also developing their writing skills.

Qualifications For Admission Into Travel Journalism Programs

Students who are interested in pursuing this field must have certain qualifications in order for admission into travel journalism programs .

Writing skills are an essential qualification for any aspiring journalist; thus one must have strong writing skills in order to pursue this field successfully .

In addition, knowledge of current events and aptitude for research & investigation are also essential qualifications needed when considering admission into these programs.

Finally, understanding digital platforms & technologies is another important qualification that future journalists need if they want to excel in this field .

Challenges Faced By Travel Journalists

Though there are many benefits associated with being a travel journalist, there are also challenges they may face along the way . One such challenge is the need for constant adaptation in order to keep up with changing conditions & technologies within the industry .

Additionally, these jobs often involve stressful environments & demanding schedules which may be difficult for some people to handle Finally, it can be difficult for journalists to balance professional objectivity with personal interests given the nature of this line of work.

Tips For Pursuing A Career In Travel Journalism

There are several tips one should consider when pursuing a career in travel journalism . It is important for aspiring journalists to develop an area of expertise or niche specialty so they can stand out from other job applicants.

Networking with established professionals in the field is also essential; attending conferences or seminars related to your niche can help build valuable connections that could lead to job opportunities.

Finally, understanding the business side of journalism—such as advertising & marketing—can also help aspiring journalists succeed in this industry.


In conclusion, choosing travel journalism over engineering as a career path after 12th standard science can provide many rewards if pursued properly.

It offers variety & flexibility along with opportunities to connect with interesting people & explore various topics related to culture & politics.

However it also presents challenges like needing constant adaptation due to changing conditions & technologies.

To ensure success within this field it’s important for aspiring journalists understand its business side & network with professionals within their niche.

Ultimately though it’s important that any aspiring journalist pursues what they’re passionate about so they can reach their long-term goals.

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