What qualifications do you need to be a political journalist?

  1. Introduction
  2. Qualifications Needed for Political Journalism
  3. Academic Qualifications
  4. Internship and Fellowship Opportunities
  5. Certification and Licensing Requirements
  6. Journalism vs Political Science Qualifications
  7. Benefits of a Political Journalism Degree
  8. Additional Skills and Qualities Helpful for Political Journalists
  9. Salary Expectations for Political Journalists
  10. Necessary Steps to Become a Political Journalist
  11. Conclusion

Becoming a Political Journalist: The Qualifications You Need to Know

Political journalism is an ever-changing, rapidly evolving field that requires strong analytical skills, a passion for news, and the ability to think on your feet in order to cover the latest stories and developments in politics. It is not an easy job by any means, but can be incredibly rewarding if done correctly. So what qualifications do you need to be a political journalist? Read on to find out!

Academic Qualifications

Most political journalists will have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or political science. This degree will equip you with the essential knowledge needed to report on current affairs and understand the mechanics of politics. It will also give you an understanding of how to write accurately and succinctly, so that your work is both informative and accessible. Additionally, it will show employers that you have the necessary knowledge base required to work within this field.

Internship and Fellowship Opportunities

Internships and fellowship opportunities are also important steps in becoming a political journalist. Taking part in these programs can give you invaluable insight into the world of journalism, allowing you to gain experience first-hand while developing your writing skills further. They can also be very helpful in helping you make contacts with editors and other professionals who may be able to offer you future job opportunities.

Certification and Licensing Requirements

Unlike other professions such as law or medicine, there are no certification or licensing requirements for political reporters. This means that anyone with the right qualifications can apply for the role without having to go through additional training or examinations. However, it is important to note that employers may still require their employees to complete additional courses or training depending on their particular needs.

Journalism vs Political Science Qualifications

When it comes to qualifications for political journalism roles, it is important to understand the differences between journalism and political science degrees. A degree in journalism covers topics such as news writing, editing, reporting, interviewing techniques and ethics, while political science degrees focus more on topics such as international relations, public policy analysis and government systems . As such it is important to decide which qualification best suits your particular interests before embarking on your career path.

Benefits of a Political Journalism Degree

A degree in political journalism offers many benefits beyond simply gaining entry into this field of work. It provides students with an understanding of how politics works both nationally and internationally which can prove invaluable when researching stories or looking into potential sources . In addition , having this qualification will demonstrate your commitment towards being taken seriously within your chosen profession .

Additional Skills And Qualities Required For Politcal Journalists

In addition to academic qualifications , there are certain skillsets which can set you apart from other candidates when applying for a job as a political journalist . These include excellent communication skills , organizational capabilities , strong research techniques , attention to detail , an ability to work under pressure , critical thinking , problem solving , creativity , adaptability . Having these qualities will help ensure that you are equipped with the necessary tools needed when tackling challenging stories or difficult interviewees .

Salary Expectations For Politcal Journalists

The national average salary for general journalists , an occupational group that encompasses political journalists , is $ 48 , 054 per year . However , depending on experience level as well as geographical location salaries can vary significantly . It is also worth noting that certain positions may offer additional benefits such as pension plans or medical coverage .

Necessary Steps To Become A Politcal Journalist

So what steps should you take if you want to become a successful journalist ? The first step is always gaining experience in some form whether through internships or fellowships . Next , take advantage of any networking opportunities available so that you have access to key players within the industry . Finally consider completing additional courses or certifications which may give you an edge when applying for positions .


Becoming a successful political journalist requires dedication as well as hard work but it can be incredibly rewarding if done correctly . To become one requires knowledge of both journalistic principles as well as an understanding of how politics works nationally and internationally . In addition there are certain skillsets which are beneficial when tackling difficult stories such as excellent communication abilities , organizational capabilities , strong research techniques etc . Finally remember that gaining experience through internships or fellowships is essential if one wishes gain entry into this field of work while salaries usually range from $48 054 per year but may vary depending on experience level or geographical location .

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