What universities offer a degree in political journalism?

I. Introduction – Defining Political Journalism
II. George Washington University
III. Emerson College
IV. Duke University
V. Columbia Journalism School
VI. St. John’s University
VII. Niche.com Rankings
VIII. Northwestern University
IX. Degree Options
X. Choosing a Program
XI. Conclusion

Political Journalism Degrees: Where to Get the Best Education in 2023?

In today’s world, political journalism is increasingly vital for an informed citizenry and a thriving democracy–and the best universities offer comprehensive, cutting-edge degree programs to help aspiring journalists develop their knowledge, skills and personal interests in this field of study. Here, we explore the top schools offering political journalism degrees in 2023–as well as what options are available for students seeking to specialize in this area of journalism.

Defining Political Journalism

Political journalism is a form of reporting that focuses on politics and public policy–including election campaigns, government officials and policy changes. This type of reporting is often associated with news outlets, but political journalists also cover these issues from a variety of other perspectives, such as advocacy organizations and think tanks.

George Washington University

George Washington University (GWU) offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Political Communication, which includes coursework in political reporting and writing for print, broadcast and digital media. The program also covers topics like campaign management, legislative decision-making and public opinion polling. Students have access to GWU’s extensive network of alumni in the media industry.

Emerson College

Emerson College’s Department of Journalism offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Communication with emphasis on print, broadcast and digital media. The curriculum includes courses on researching, writing and producing content related to politics at local, state, national or international levels. Students have the opportunity to intern with leading news organizations throughout the country.

Duke University

Duke University’s Department of Cultural Anthropology offers a Master’s Degree in Political Communication that focuses on critical analysis of politics through visual media such as television news broadcasts and documentaries. The curriculum includes courses on media production techniques–including video editing and scriptwriting–as well as research methods for understanding how media shape public opinion .

Columbia Journalism School

Columbia Journalism School offers a Master’s Degree in Political Journalism that covers topics like investigative journalism, public affairs reporting and data-driven storytelling. Courses include Media Law & Ethics; Covering Government & Politics; Election Reporting; Reporting on Money & Politics; Public Opinion & Polling; International Affairs; Covering Conflict & War; Writing for Print & Digital Audiences; Media History & Theory; Editing & Producing News Content; Investigative Techniques; Media Production Techniques; Social Media Strategies; Storytelling Techniques .

St. John’s University

St. John’s University offers a dual Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program which combines coursework in Government & Politics with Journalism studies . The program provides students with an understanding of how politics affects daily life as well as how journalists can report on political issues accurately and ethically .

Niche Rankings

Niche has ranked Duke University #1 and Northwestern University #2 for Best Colleges for Journalism Degrees in America for 2023 . Duke’s Department of Cultural Anthropology provides an MFA degree program focused on teaching students the skills necessary to be successful political journalists . Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism offers several undergraduate majors relevant to political journalism including Broadcast/Multimedia Journalism (BMMJ), Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), News Media/Journalism (NMJ) or Strategic Communication (STRATCOM) .

Degree Options

The type of degree you pursue will depend upon your career goals–but most universities offer some combination of undergraduate degrees (Bachelor’s) or graduate degrees (Master’s). Depending upon your interests, you may want to consider a dual Bachelor’s/Master’s program such as at St Johns , or a Master’s degree specifically tailored towards political journalism such as at Columbia .

Choosing Your Program

When selecting your program it is important to consider both the curriculum offerings as well as internship opportunities that may be available through the school itself or its network of alumni contacts . It is also important to consider your personal interests – some programs may provide more opportunity for hands-on experience than others if you prefer more practical learning over theory-based instruction . Finally, it is important to consider your budget – some programs may require additional expenses such as studio rentals or equipment fees that need to be taken into account when making your decision .


Political journalism is an ever-evolving field that requires specialized knowledge and skillsets – so it is important to choose a school that can provide the best education possible while preparing you with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed for success in this field . While there are many excellent schools offering degrees in this area, those discussed here offer some of the most comprehensive programs available today – enabling students to gain essential insight into both politics and journalism so they can make an impactful contribution towards society at large .

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